Hi! This is Jenn

Jennummi, also know as Jenn, is an Honduran artist who finds inspiration in Japanese animations, video games and Pop Culture. Originally a Graphic Designer, Jenn blended her drawing skills with her 5 years of experience in Design, bringing the perfect match of her carreer and passion.

She is big lover of pastel and neon colors and always likes to integrate them into her pieces. Her style is based on the “kawaii” culture, lo-fi aesthetics and urban situations. Right now she is living her dream of being a full-time artist, alongiside creating her own online shop bringing physical and digital products with her own creations to clients all over the world.

When she is not working in her art, she enjoys playing video games,  cook with her husband and go to cafés while drinking a good Honduran coffee. On Sundays, she enjoys volunteering in her church and spending time with her family.