✦ Most asked questions ✦

Do you offer cancellations/returns/refunds?

Unfortunately no. Please double check everything before placing an order. All orders are FINAL once shipped out. Please create unboxing videos in case something is wrong with your order. Missing items will ONLY be replaced with video evidence (ONLY PHOTOS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED)."

Does shipping come with tracking?

All international and domestic orders will have tracking.

I put the wrong address, what should I do?

Contact us immediately via email jennumminfo@gmail.com (NO IG) if you need to change your address before your order ships out! However, once tracking has been purchased for your order, postage fees cannot be refunded and you may have to pay an additional shipping fee in order to change your address.

I purchased a preorder item, when will the rest of my order ship?

If your order contains a preorder item, it will not ship until the preorder item is able to be shipped. Everything will be shipped together. If you wish to have preorder items ship separately from the rest of your order, you will have to make two separate orders.

How long does it take you to ship orders?

It will typically take 2-5 business days to ship your in-hand items. Preorder items will take weeks to months to ship. Please make sure you read the title and description to know if you are buying a preorder item and when to expect it to ship.

Which are the arriving times after shipping?

✧ USA: 1-2 weeks
✧ Canada: 1-3 weeks
✧ International: 1+ month

What international countries do you ship to?

At the moment, we are able to ship to anywhere USPS can reach. If you order, and are getting items shipped to any of the countries on this list, unfortunately we will have to cancel and refund your order.

I am an international customer having problems checking out or need to send additional customs info, how can I fix this?

If you come across any problems at checkout or you need to add extra information due to customs requirements, please send us an email at jennumminfo@gmail.com with the problem you are experiencing!

PLEASE NOTE: International orders might take longer to arrive due to your countries customs or delays due to COVID-19. Extra fees are not our responsibility, keep this in mind.

SI ERES DE HONDURAS: Si quieres realizar una ordern, por favor contáctate personalmente conmigo a mi email jennumminfo@gmail.com con asunto "ORDEN PARA HONDURAS" para coordinar la entrega.


✿ A-Grade: These pins are deemed by me to be the finest quality in the batch. They may contain a few slight imperfections such as small scratches, bubbles, dust particles, etc. Standard grade pins have no major flaws that affect the appearance, quality, or functionality of the pins.

✿ B- Grade: These pins may contain a few more noticeable flaws such as color spots, larger scratches, uneven fillings, missing color/bleeding color, larger bubbles, highly crooked pinbacks, etc. These flaws are only somewhat noticeable. Pins deemed to be B-Grade are sold for a discounted price because of these imperfections.

✿ C- Grade: These pins contain one or more major flaws that affect the appearance or functionality of the pin. These major flaws may include missing plating, missing color, incorrect color, etc. C-Grades may include one or more of the defects apparent in B-Grade pins as well. Please be aware that these pins are discounted because of their low quality or errors.


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